Candidate DNA Sequencing
To find the best cultural fitment for you, we need to first identify your Candidate DNA (Distinct Native Attributes). Fill out the following survey to begin the sequencing.
This survey is for Candidates
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W1 - I am more productive working in a space by myself *

O1 - I’d rather quickly shovel the walkway than learn how to fix the snowblower *

F1 - Without meetings nothing would get done *

X1 - It’s important to me to be able to listen to my own music at work *

W2 - Ambient music playing while I’m working is not distracting for me *

O2 - I would take courses outside of the workplace if it wasn't paid for by my employer *

F2 - I'd rather make the suggestion than implement the fix *

X2 - Without a dress code someone would wear something unprofessional *

F8 - A hotdog is a sandwich *

W3 - Dressing professionally improves productivity *

O3 - I have no desire to be back in the classroom *

F3 - Acronyms and simplified language make it easier to communicate with my coworkers *

X3 - I would work from home as much as I could *

W4 - I prefer to eat lunch at my desk *

O4 - A CEO’s time too valuable to deal with all of his or her employees *

F4 - The best results in cooking come from following a recipe *

X4 - I have taken unpaid time off on several occasions to volunteer in my community *

W5 - I would never take a job in an office without windows *

O5 - The expert is worth more than the manager *

W8 - I did not read this question *

F5 - It doesn't matter how you get the answer as long as it's right *

X5 - Internet restrictions at work affect my morale *

W6 - I expect beverages outside of coffee and water to be provided by my employer *

O6 - I’d rather give a homeless person a $20 than take him or her to lunch *

F6 - People who push the envelope get further in life *

X6 - If employees were allowed to choose their own hours it would make for a chaotic environment *

W7 - I am more productive when I work from home *

O7 - I would rather know a lot about a little than a little about a lot *

F7 - When learning new things I prefer self-study over formal instruction or training *

X7 - My employer should not have a say with regards to when I take my lunch break *

If you could have any realistic job title, what would it be?

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